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Magnificent Silk Rug Persian Rug from Qum
This magnificent Persian Carpet Qum silk rug has the different and unusual design consists of 25 various parts which each section has an individu...
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Antique Rugs, Persian Rug, Qahqai Rug Khamseh
A spectacular fine antique Oriental Khamseh circa 1880 with delicate, rare and exquisite craftsmanship. This Khamseh embodies the grace and antiqu...
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Antique Rugs, Persian Rug from Senneh
Antique Oriental Senneh circa 1890 in excellent condition - colours are red, blue, gold and cream all over design with writing around the border
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Persian Hamadam Woolen Rug
Persian Hamadam Hand Woven Woolen Rug with Tree of Life Motif 76"l x 50"w
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Antique Herat rug, South Khorassan Province
An extremely fine and rare antique Herat rug woven in the South Khorassan province, circa 1880 the weave is very fine and the wool is of the finest...
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Antique Chinese Ningxia rug
A truly magnificent antique Ningxia Chinese rug with a geometric "Sayagata" or Key-Fret design in the main field, woven with a faded golden/yellow ...
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Antique Perepedil rug, Caucasian
A stunning Antique Perepedil rug in excellent original condition. Caucasian rugs are usually geometric in design and this type of rug is no except...
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Antique Baktiari rug
An early antique Baktiari rug woven around 1900-1910, the design is very elegant and refined, often in a repeating garden design or using tribal an...
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Antique Persian Heriz rug
Vibrancy and beautiful geometric motifs make for a brilliant antique Persian Heriz rug, circa 1900-1910.  We love the sandy yellow border on this ...
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Antique Sewan Kazak rug
A vivid striking South-west Caucasian rug from the Sewan Kazak region.  These iconic tribal village weavings are easily recognisable with their bo...
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Antique Serapi rug
A rare fine antique Serapi rug woven around 1880-1890 in the north-west of Persia.  Serapi rugs are woven in the Heriz region of Persia and genera...
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Antique Kashan rug, Persia
A very pretty and finely woven antique Kashan rug, woven around 1910-1920 with delicate pale blues and soft pinks too.  A royal blue border colour...
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Antique Tabriz rug, slightly distressed look
A soft coloured antique Tabriz rug woven around 1890-1910 with pale pinky peach tones and grey, soft brown tones.  Very pleasing on the eye this a...
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Antique Heriz rug
A very sweet little antique Heriz rug made in north Persia with natural dyes that have mellowed well to make this a very attractive 120 year old ru...
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Antique Kazak kelleh, Caucasian rug
A beautiful soft and decorative Antique Kazak kelleh rug, with a 5 star design we see in Lesghi Caucasian rugs. Dating from the late 19th Century t...
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Antique Kuba rug
An Antique Kuba rug in fantastic original condition with beautiful colours and varying in design from mother and daughter Boteh motifs in the centr...
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