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EMILE GALLÉ (1846-1904)
Emile Galle french bull dog ceramic faience
Very early French bull dog made by Emile Galle around 1870. The ceramic glaze is rough to picture the fur of the dog. It has the famous dog eyes an...
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Galerie Tiny Esveld
Antique Staffordshire pottery figure of a slumbering shepherd boy and his dog, e...
Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure of a slumbering shepherd boy with his trusty dog. The boy is wearing a blue bonnet hat and resting on a gre...
John Howard
Liverpool delftware pottery tile Fazackerly type mid 18thc Rural sporting with g...
A fine and rare delftware pottery tile with image of male figure shooting at birds in a landscape with a dog eager to retrieve. The tile is well pa...
John Howard
Unusual Staffordshire Porcelain Dog on a Lilac Base.
A good quality and unusual 19th century Staffordshire porcelain model of a dog, standing on a 'lilac' coloured base with rococo scrolling. 'Buy ...
Andrew Dando
Staffordshire Dog & Puppy small Spill Vase.
19th century Staffordshire small spill vase group with a dog & puppy lying by a tree. 'Buy This item Now' with Free Worldwide Delivery at www.a...
Andrew Dando
Staffordshire Figure of a Shepherd with his Dog.
19th century Staffordshire figure of a windswept shepherd, standing on a circular base with his dog standing at his side. 'Buy This item Now' wi...
Andrew Dando
Large scale pottery figure of a muzzled bear baited by a ferocious dog, late ...
A very rare large scale pearlware pottery figure of of a bear and dog. The figure is about 12 inches high and depicts the chained beast being b...
John Howard
Antique Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure group of musical shepherds with d...
Staffordshire pottery pearlware figure group. The male figure is playing a flute whilst his female companion is holding a lamb. The seated figures...
John Howard
Antique pottery figure of a setter dog standing on a base. Scottish or English p...
A rare and naively modelled pottery figure of a setter dog standing on an oval base. The figure is artistically modelled with good movement and s...
John Howard
Large English pottery pearlware pitcher with figures of a youth and his dog the...
A rare Staffordshire pottery pitcher exceptionally well decorated. One side shows a standing figure of a youth with a top hat walking with his dog ...
John Howard
Antique American Bennnington Vermont treacle glaze Dog
A brown treacle glaze figure of a seated Spaniel from the Bennington factory in Vermont USA.
Carolyn Stoddart-Scott
Whieldon Type Model of a Dog.
18th century Whieldon type creamware miniature model of a seated dog, decorated with mottled green & brown glazes. 'Buy it Now' (via PayPal) at ...
Andrew Dando
Parian Model of a Dog.
19th century English parian model of a seated dog. 'Buy it Now' (via PayPal) at OR email or call +44 (0) 1225 865444 to di...
Andrew Dando
Staffordshire Porcelain Model of a Dog.
19th century Staffordshire porcelain model of a dog, lying on a rectangular green & white base. 'Buy it Now' (via PayPal) at
Andrew Dando
Pair Samson porcelain Vases & lids with Dog of Fo knops
A Pair Samson tall porcelain Vases & lids with Dogs of Fo knops with floral decoration in green & orange & blue
Carolyn Stoddart-Scott
Creamware dog
Creamware Whieldon type model of a recumbent dog
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W W Warner Antiques